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PTX Affiliate Program

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Convenient On-Demand Therapy, Created By Orthopedic Rehab Specialists. 

Posture focused, lasting relief for chronic pain, pinched nerves, tight muscles, and all aches and pains.

USPTO Patent #8,715,176    “Method for automated delivery of personalized physical therapy to treat pain.”

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Features Of PTX Therapy

  • On-Demand, 100% Personalized Therapy
  • Relief For All Types Of Pain
  • Convenient, Easy To Do At Home
  • Advanced Therapy Science
  • Fast And Lasting Pain Relief
  • Start Anytime — 24/7

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Advanced Therapy Science of PTX

Most physical therapy programs are generic protocols assigned based on where you hurt. The PTX Intelligence System that creates your therapy routine considers the whole body, multiple pain points and diagnosis, past surgeries, and your movement ability in order to assign the right exercises for each unique situation. The exercises are simple to do at home and work to balance and straighten the body right to left and front to back. Straightening the joints and improving the joint mechanics reduces stress and inflammation in the joints with each routine.




The following are examples from our Therex Library —we utilize nearly 1,000 of these postural therapy exercises. These few  examples display the depths of clinical experience and science behind PTX, far beyond a traditional Therex or site-of-symptom approach. We properly design and sequence protocols using this in-depth “functional purpose” information. PTX is dedicated to properly applying functional biomechanics, kinesiology, and kinetics like no other platform in the world.

ARM CIRCLES -Functional Purpose
DOUBLE DOUBLE – Functional Purpose


Our Sequencing approach (from one of our Training Manuals), was born from our decades of clinical experience, and is now embedded in our AI.



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