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You Can Expect More With PTX

Your entire body will function better after every session. That's the PTX difference — we assign exercises that will improve the body's function from head to toe, not just where you hurt. Every personalized therapy routine will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Pain And Inflammation
  • Better Balance And Range Of Motion
  • Straighter Posture And Ease Of Movement
  • Improved Muscle Function And Strength

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Program Recommendations

How often should I do my routines?

We want you to perform your current routine once daily.  If you are in a lot of pain and can commit to doing more than one routine daily, you will benefit from repeating the routine or portions of the routine later in the day.  You will need to complete at least 7 total sessions of each routine before submitting a progress report and moving to the next routine in your program.  Being consistent in completing the routine will change the alignment of your body and cause your pain to go away. Once you’ve reached the threshold where your pain is gone, continue to complete the rest of the program sessions daily to solidify the better posture you have achieved.  Maintaining and strengthening your new posture will keep your pain away.

Can I skip certain exercises in the program?

Since the sequence is so important (Please see our “Science is in the Sequence” video), you don’t want to pick-and-choose, skip or change the order of any exercises in your routine. If a particular exercise causes pain, give it a few repetitions or seconds and see if the pain subsides. None of the exercises should increase a symptom or pain.  Muscle fatigue, cramps and mild soreness are ok, but sharp, shooting or tingling pain is a sign that your body is not in a good enough posture yet to perform the specific exercise. If you continue to have pain beyond the first few reps or seconds, then skip the particular exercise for the day and continue with the remainder of the therapy routine. Try to perform the entire routine again the next day (including the previously skipped exercise). Keep trying to re-insert the skipped exercise until you are able to add it back in without pain.

What if I stopped doing my routines for some period of time?

If you have not completed your routine for 2 or more weeks, please go back to your most recently completed routine and go through that routine for at least another 4 days before continuing on to your new routine. If you have not completed your routine for an extended period of time and your symptoms are the same or worse, you will need to begin again with the first routine in your program. If you have not completed your routine for many months and your symptoms have dramatically changed, or pain is in a different area, then you should get a new PTX Therapy program to address your current condition.

Can I continue my current workout routine or activities?

Pausing your activities depends entirely on your condition(s), as well as your current level of activity. We recommend that you take a few weeks off from your other activities, just at first, and focus on your PTX Therapy program.  Giving yourself two focused weeks to make an initial change in your posture will jumpstart your healing and get you to pain-free faster.  We are not suggesting that you quit your activity or sport for good.  When you get your body back to a better posture with PTX, you will once again have the strength and stability to endure and excel at your favorite activities.  Our bodies are designed to move.  We view all movement as good for the body.  As the body twists out of a good posture and begins to hurt, the movement may seem like the culprit, but it is not.  We know that the activity is not to blame, the crooked posture you’ve been taking to the activity is the underlying cause of the pain.  When your posture improves and the pain lessens, we recommend that you start slowly and increase the length of your activity as you are able to.  Pain will be your guide.  If you experience pain, stop or shorten your activity.  If you experience general soreness, it’s ok to continue at a comfortable discomfort level. Listen to your body. The straighter and stronger your posture gets, the longer the activity you will be able to endure without slipping back into your old pain.

Can I still see my chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc.?

The most important thing is to be aware of how you feel once you begin your postural routine. Some clients continue with a combination of therapies in order to make the most progress. However, most often people find that their need for other treatments are diminished or eliminated altogether as a result of PTX Therapy. If you continue to seek assistance from another practitioner, it’s good to communicate with him/her about what your posture routine entails. No matter what else you are doing, PTX is fundamental to your game-plan.

Once the pain is gone, do I need to keep doing my routine(s)?

The exercises are designed to reintroduce new movement and to improve neuromuscular patterns. In order for the body NOT to fall back into old patterns of misalignment, you must continue to remind the body how it is designed to move. For most of us, there is just not enough activity in our days to keep us from falling back into the old patterns. To continue to reinforce the improved movement of the body, some sort of maintenance routine that triggers muscle memory, will be helpful for the rest of your life. PTX Therapy will recommend a maintenance schedule for you. Just like brushing your teeth every day helps keep them healthy, you can promote long-term joint and muscle health by doing a few exercises daily; ones that are specifically tailored to your needs by PTX.

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