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Connect your Community To personalized pain relief With PTX

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Partner with PTX to help heal your tribe, expand your reach with fresh health & fitness content, and unlock a new passive revenue stream in the process.

An Affiliate Program With Everyone In Mind

Health/Wellness Influencers

Personal Trainers


Gym Owners

Yoga/Pilates Instructors

Wellness Center Owners

What is PTX?

PTX is next generation physical therapy. PTX combines a revolutionary whole-body posture-focused method, with AI technology that instantly analyzes a user’s posture, pain history, and fitness level to deliver personalized on-demand therapy that creates long lasting pain relief.

Created by rehab specialists through decades of in-clinic experience



of PTX users feel better after their first routine*



of PTX users reduce pain medications within 2 weeks*



of PTX users improve their posture after the first week*

Become a PTX Brand Ambassador

Help Heal Your Community

Alleviate pain for your community fast.

Create A New Revenue Stream

Earn a commission on every referral.

Expand Reach With New Content

Gain more influence with your following.

How it works

Refer your community to PTX and we’ll do the rest! The PTX AI System considers a user’s whole story, and creates a completely customized pain relief therapy routine they can start immediately anytime, anywhere.

As they provide feedback, PTX learns their body’s mechanics and adapts future routines to their specific needs just like a personal therapist, all from the comfort of home.

Referring PTX Therapy is as easy as 1-2-3

Refer Your Patients Via Affiliate Link/Code

User Signs Up For PTX Therapy

User Gets Quick Pain Relief And You Get Paid


How it works

PTX combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and the expertise of human therapists to instantly generate on-demand pain relief therapy tailored exactly to you.

As you progress, PTX learns your body’s mechanics and adapts future routines to your specific needs.

Using PTX Therapy is as easy as 1-2-3

Take The Initial Health Assessment

Receive Your Personalized Therapy Program

Complete A Progress Report After Each Routine

PTX® Success Stories

PTX Success Stories

PTX® Success Stories