Physical Therapy For Back Pain At Home

Joint stress. Bad posture. Muscle strain. These are just some of the potential causes of back pain. If you wake up stiff and sore each morning or experience continuous lower back pain, there are ways to find relief. The first step is identifying the source.

Here at PTX Therapy, our mission is to find that source and address the problem at the root. Just because you feel the pain in your back, doesn’t mean the issue stems from that area. It can originate from injuries in your foot, postural deviations in the hips, or muscular imbalances elsewhere in the body.

Our digital physical therapy platform will perform a detailed analysis to locate the cause. After thorough identification, we’ll provide targeted solutions to meet your unique physical therapeutic needs. A personalized plan involving physical therapy at home for back pain is designed to improve posture, increase strength and diminish pain.

Real Results With PTX

Virtual therapy with PTX is completely science based. We provide do-it-yourself physical therapy grounded in functional biomechanics, kinesiology and kinetics. Based on decades of clinical research, our system delivers a proven scientific sequence of trustworthy exercises, positions and stretches.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every plan is different. Our at-home physical therapy for lower back pain methods aren’t the same as those developed for shoulder or neck pain.

These personalized physical therapy for back pain at home plans specifically target and correct conditions impacting body mechanics. It would include a series of distinctive exercises, applied in a very precise order.

The result of these physical therapy back exercises at home is improvement to your strength, core stability, flexibility, range of motion and overall quality of life.

Powering Effective Pain Relief

Our Technology can provide you with powerful tools and deliver an intelligence system right into your hands. Access your customized therapeutic plan instantly and from anywhere on your tablet or mobile device.

Let us help you reach your wellness goals independently and in the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about what Our Therapy can do to get you back to a pain-free life.

Employee Health

PTX has been proven to be two times better than any other treatment plan for pain.

Corporate Savings

PTX cuts your overall medical costs by up to 15%. No, seriously, it does!

Easy to Implement

PTX is simple and seamless, so your company can save and your staff can thrive.

Protect Your Employees Efficiently

While You Focus on Core Operations

PTX Therapy is simple, accessible, and seamless, making it easy to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees while requiring no additional work for management and staff. When your employees are healthy and strong, and wellness programs are managed with ease, your team can be laser-focused on the core operations that drive revenue.