Neck Pain Exercises At Home

Neck pain is common for many people, and it’s no wonder: The neck has a challenging job. It holds up the head, which typically weighs around 11 pounds. Moreover, the neck is made up of small vertebrae that are supported by connective tissues and muscles, and it doesn’t take much to cause imbalance to this delicate structure.

Fortunately, the right exercises can restore the range of motion in your neck and relieve any pain or stiffness. PTX Therapy can help you achieve this relief in the comfort of your home with our personalized treatment plans. We use a series of exercises that can help correct crooked posture and ease the muscle and joint pain it creates. Read on to learn how you can receive neck pain relief exercises at home.


How Does PTX Therapy Work?

PTX Therapy is next generation physical therapy. What does this mean? Your tailored therapeutic exercise plan is a sequence of short and safe exercises that can be completed at home. It’s created from tons of possible combinations to fit your unique health needs and wellness goals. We use proprietary algorithms based on proven science that take into account each patient’s unique history, pains, activity level and current posture.

Your exercise plan is 100% digitally delivered via your smartphone, tablet or computer. It can be completed without the need for extra equipment, such as mats or elastic bands. Best of all, this neck pain physiotherapy treatment at home requires no doctor visits or prescriptions.


How PTX Helps Relieve Neck Pain

Our routines involve a series of exercises that are specifically chosen and sequenced uniquely for each patient. These exercises use the proper stimulation of the muscles and the force of gravity to improve posture, which helps eliminate neck pain. When performed correctly and consistently, they can help to restore the proper tension of the muscles. Routines are revised every seven sessions until the patient achieves good posture and pain relief.

PTX Therapy is a full kinetic-chain therapy. It works the entire body, unlike generic physical therapy that only focuses on a single area of the body. Regardless of the cause of your neck pain, performing these neck pain exercises at home can provide great relief.


Employee Health

PTX has been proven to be two times better than any other treatment plan for pain.

Corporate Savings

PTX cuts your overall medical costs by up to 15%. No, seriously, it does!

Easy to Implement

PTX is simple and seamless, so your company can save and your staff can thrive.

Protect Your Employees Efficiently

While You Focus on Core Operations

PTX Therapy is simple, accessible, and seamless, making it easy to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees while requiring no additional work for management and staff. When your employees are healthy and strong, and wellness programs are managed with ease, your team can be laser-focused on the core operations that drive revenue.