Introducing Your New Referral Protocol:

Share On-Demand PTX Virtual Physical Therapy With All Of Your Patients

Introducing Your New Referral Protocol:

Share On-Demand PTX Virtual Physical Therapy With All Of Your Patients

PTX Delivers Personalized And Effective Pain Relief Routines, Current And Former Patients Can Easily Do At Home

Body Balancing — Whole-Body Posture Focus

How Do I Follow The New Referral Protocol?

Have All Your Patients Scan The QR Code

Everyone can use a little more flexibility and better posture. PTX also helps relieve muscle, joint, and spine pain. Have your patients scan the QR code on the PTX posters, cards, or other materials provided to your clinic.

The QR Code Takes Your Patients To The PTX Signup Page

  • Patients Signup
  • Complete Initial Assessment
  • Receive Therapy Immediately

About PTX Therapy

PTX Therapy is physical and postural rehabilitation therapy. Several Orthopedic Rehab Specialists spent decades mastering a method to pinpoint the best exercises for each patient to achieve lasting pain relief, and created the PTX Intelligence System based on this success. Enter your details, and let the PTX System immediately create your personalized virtual physical therapy program, carefully custom-tailored to you. You’ll receive specialized exercises, in the right order, to quickly reduce pain, build strength, and regain mobility. (They’re exercises and unique-to-you sequences you can’t find on You-Tube or anywhere else.) Delivered virtually and direct pay by consumer, there’s the convenience of no waiting rooms, no time spent in traffic, no Zoom appointments to schedule, no insurance or billing hassles.


PTX Therapy delivers custom-tailored therapy routines. Your personal, at-home physical therapy exercise plan is created from millions of possible combinations to adapt to your unique health needs and personal progression. Empowering you with a do-it-yourself physical therapy, PTX uses proprietary and patented algorithms based on proven science, decades of clinical research, and a full kinetic-chain approach. With a focus on whole-body posture, improving joint alignment via muscle function is a top priority of each exercise assigned. The exercises will correct your postural imbalanced and increase mobility and flexibility so your body can heal, and you can move better and live your best life. The underlying cause of most muscle, spine and joint pain is crooked posture, and PTX is the only virtual program designed to focus on correcting this problem from your head down to your toes. Correcting hip and spinal alignment is your best bet for getting and staying pain free. When the hips are level and spine returns to it’s natural S-curve, you’ll achieve relief from pinched nerves, bulging disks pressing on nerves, uneven wear and cartilage degeneration in the hip knee and ankle. Once the stress is removed, the inflammation will go down and the cartilage can regrow.


Most physical therapy programs are generic protocols assigned based on where you hurt. The PTX Intelligence System that creates your therapy routine considers the whole body, multiple pain points and diagnosis, past surgeries, and your movement ability in order to assign the right exercises for each unique situation. The exercises are simple to do at home and work to balance and straighten the body right to left and front to back. Straightening the joints and improving the joint mechanics reduces stress and inflammation in the joints with each routine.


The following are examples from our Therex Library —we utilize nearly 1,000 of these postural therapy exercises. These few  examples display the depths of clinical experience and science behind PTX, far beyond a traditional therex or site-of-symptom approach. We properly design and sequence protocols using this in-depth “functional purpose” information. PTX is dedicated to properly applying functional biomechanics, kinesiology, and kinetics like no other platform in the world.

ARM CIRCLES -Functional Purpose
DOUBLE DOUBLE – Functional Purpose

Further, our Sequencing approach (from one of our Training Manuals), was born from our decades of clinical experience, and is now embedded in our AI.



You can find everything you need right in your own home. Upon receiving your initial routine you will have access to our instructional and educational videos which includes the “No equipment, No problem” video.  This video gives recommendations for which household items to use to complete your routines. We do offer cushions you may purchase, but they are not required. However, the PTX Therapy cushions and other equipment that you see in our exercise videos are convenient and make your routines easier. All of the PTX equipment can be purchased through our Amazon Shop with different styles and colors to choose from.


75% of PTX users come off pain meds within a few weeks

85% of PTX users feel better with their first routine

93% of ptx users improve posture

Your entire body will function better after every session. That’s the PTX difference — we assign exercises that will improve the body’s function from head to toe, not just where you hurt. Every personalized therapy routine will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Pain And Inflammation
  • Better Balance And Range Of Motion
  • Straighter Posture And Ease Of Movement
  • Improved Muscle Function And Strength


“I am not living with neck aches and headaches anymore and it’s just wonderful. As a medical doctor…I just haven’t found anything like what PTX offers.”

— Dr. Riba, MD



Many people successfully use the wholistic posture-focused physical therapy of PTX in conjunction with other treatments. In fact, PTX actually maximizes the benefits of other forms of care. Every exercise selected and sequenced for each patient is focused on improving the patient’s overall hip and spine posture, which takes stress off of the joints, and relieves pinched nerves and bulging disks. As the joints are straightened, the cartilage isn’t worn down as much and new cartilage growth will start to appear. With a whole-body posture focus, every routine improves joint mechanics, balance, strength, and flexibility from head to toe.