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Success Stories

“For 10 years I have had erratic back pain and I have tried multiple types of therapies including Physical Therapy, but to no avail. This web-based pain elimination system is truly remarkable, effective, and it provided immediate relief of my symptoms. When I do the therapy I feel better, which is great because it’s a self-administered program that now allows me to know what lever to pull to fix my pain.”

Ryan J. Kerrigan

“I have been doing the exercises every day since we met. Wow! Already a substantial reduction in pain … and I am looking forward to doing the other routines … You have a fantastic website!”

Tom Ziglar

“PTX Therapy technology is very sound. I’ve used the system … very impressive!”

Glen A. Halvorson, M.D.

“The exercises are very subtle and easy to do. They give you great explanations, so it’s easy to figure out. After I do my series of exercises, each time I feel like I’ve had a 2-hour deep tissue massage. I was amazed at how such subtle changes can make such a huge difference in how you feel. I sit at a desk and type a lot so my shoulders are really tight and doing hip exercises somehow magically freed up my shoulders. It’s great!”

Tara Harper O’Connor

“…I completed 5 weeks of sessions online…I feel the therapy has helped my shoulder and neck quite a bit, and my back also… I have found the exercises to be worthwhile and helpful and it is the only thing that has really worked this past year on this most recent lower back problem…”

Geoff Knapp

“…it’s an online web enabled system utilizing postural therapy techniques. Speaking from experience, I have used this system for some nagging hip discomfort and have received significant relief…”

Paul Sullivan, R. Ph.

“I began the online Postural Therapy program and to my amazement, I was pain free within 3-days, and continue to be. The pain in my neck was exhausting, distracting, and depressing. I believe this would be a wonderful addition to our current menu of healthcare options, at a very reasonable cost, especially if you consider what it could mean in terms of increasing workplace productivity, lowering workman’s compensation claims, eliminating time lost from Dr. appointments, etc…”

Laurel Enloe

“I tried your therapy for pain and stiffness in my lower back, because I know that I probably wouldn’t go to a physical therapist until the pain was debilitating. The exercise programs I was given are easy to understand, and also easy to do. I definitely experience less pain now; plus, I’ve noticed increased flexibility.”

Susan Kirsch

“Great Program!”

J. Kammeyer

“Thank you. I will continue to do the exercises and found them to work well. I will use the system again.”

Corinne Wiltsie

“I am a 43year old man and have had chronic lower back, hip and shoulder pain for 18 years. My doctors have sent me through all the conventional treatments. I’ve been thru rubber bands, pool exercises, traditional physical therapy, weights. None have given me immediate relief and only moderate long term relief. I was introduced to this postural therapy program and have been doing the exercises faithfully… I feel wonderful. My energy level is tremendous and better yet I’ve taken very little medicine. Thank you.”

T. Taylor

“This therapy provided me with the recipe to rid my life of constant aches and pains. I appreciate the accessible website and easy to follow exercises that have helped me through my pregnancy. I look forward to utilizing the system again in the future.”

DeAnn Feltz

“This therapy provided me with the recipe to rid my life of the constant aches and pains. I followed the daily exercises religiously and the improvements started immediately. Within 2 months, the aches disappeared. My posture is balanced and my gait is normal. Many thanks!”

Steve Caldwell

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the education and treatment you provided to me…. My back feels great and I believe the postural programs you have to offer can be a tremendous asset.”

Bill Moore, Ed.D
Performance Psychologist, Author, Speaker

“The service is extremely convenient and private. The therapy programs that I have performed alleviated my hip pain and allowed me to once again start running without pain.”

Laura Christiansen

“I’m an advocate. I want to continue the program, and I would encourage you all to be open-minded, give it a try, and see if it doesn’t help you as well…?”

Ellen Curtis, RN

“My leg was hurting all the way down, from the back down to my toes… (The program) gave me some exercises to do. I’m doing those exercises and now I feel a lot better. I’m doing a lot better now! so . . . it works!”


“The interactive experience is fantastic!”


“The PTX Therapy program can wholly improve any athlete or non-athlete … I have seen (experienced) this first hand…”

Douglas S. Kalman MS, RD, FACN

“I have suffered from back problems on and off for years. I always had a very stiff back. Any sudden actions would cause a back injury. Before the therapy, I was waking up with a slight back ache every day. After I started the exercises my back pain went away and I even went down the Grand Canyon with a back pack.”

Sridhar Hariharan