Posture Therapy

Balance your body through next-generation posture physical therapy. Digitally delivered 100%, PTX is the only posture analysis software of its kind — targeting crooked posture and its associated pain wherever you are. Experience pain relief, get stronger and become more mobile. No doctor’s visits or prescriptions required.

Our Therapy

PTX Therapy creates personalized treatment plans that help patients reduce pain, build strength, and regain mobility. Achieve health goals independently in the comfort of your home. No doctor visits. No prescriptions. No pain pills.

Good Science Means Good Results

Body Weight Resistance

Utilize natural resistance exercises to achieve functional optimization for natural movement.

Gravity-Specific Positioning

Find your center in every position and every moment. Gravity-specific positioning ensures optimal center of gravity is second nature.

Scientific Sequencing

Scientific, patient-specific sequencing is key for proper physical therapeutic exercise.

Dynamic Stability

Whether you are wanting ideal fitness or are recovering from an injury – balancing strength and flexibility is essential.

The Most Comprehensive, Effective Way to Correct Posture

PTX connects pain to posture to target the root of your discomfort.

Strategically Exercising the Body

Achieving proper posture starts with scientific sequencing of exercises catered to your body and its needs.

Recalibrating Alignment

Through exercises sequenced to each patient, our physical therapy for posture correction reduces postural deviations and compensations, restoring proper alignment.


Re-Engaging Muscles

To ensure your new position lasts, we re-engage deep spinal and pelvic musculature for a longer hold.

Balancing the Body

Proper posture enables an optimal center of gravity, so you can find your center in every position and experience better balance.

Easing Mobility

Our posture therapy online combines natural resistance exercises and body positions. This makes it possible to achieve functional optimalization, so moving becomes easier and more fluid.


Boosting Strength and Flexibility

Working with our posture assessment app means boosting postural strength and flexibility, laying the foundation for better fitness and injury recovery.

Improve Posture at Home

Personalized Therapy Systems

The beauty of PTX Therapy is its total customization to you and your needs — or the needs of your clients. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter solution, we create posture plans to meet the goals and needs of each individual. Because muscle and joint pain is only a byproduct of stresses put on the body’s structure, we target root causes of these stresses to correct posture and improve pain.

Our plans stem from exhaustive clinical research and the experiences of decades of other patients, as well as scientific research. Using proprietary algorithms, we give you tailor-made therapy, easily accessible through our posture correction app.

Targeted Solutions for Improving Posture

The PTX platform can give anyone — from the person recovering from injury to the professional athlete optimizing results — customized tools for improving posture. By targeting solutions to each individual’s particular therapeutic needs, we’re able to see the kind of better posture that means stronger muscles and less pain.

Better posture is an app away.

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