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Compared to Other Pain Relief Options


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Your Therapy Subscription Includes:

*Ave Cost of In-Clinic PT for initial month of treatment for low back pain is $30 per session for insured, $125 for uninsured. Total monthly cost is estimated based on attending 3 sessions per week. therapy-cost


First Month of Prescription meds + OTC + one urgent care visit to get the prescription = $175 with insurance or $475 without insurance ls/476?directsearch=true&tab=ShopForCare ls/med/2251?g=Norco



First Month of Chiropractic care is estimated at $840. An initial appointment could cost and average of $320. (Initial appointment: $161 + Initial X-ray: $159) 8 additional visits at $65/visit, 2x per week = an additional $520



Surgery cost estimates are based on following averages for a spinal surgery for a herniated disk. With insurance, will cost $2,000 plus patients must first meet their deductible, typically $2,000 or more. Without insurance, surgery could cost anywhere from $20,000-$50,000 depending on the type and location of the surgery.