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Lots of things make us look old, but nothing does it more than a stooped posture. Think about it. Haven’t you looked at someone walking, hunched over, and felt sorry for that ‘old’ person? It’s so common to think of age and poor posture together, that if someone is standing upright, you must assume they are younger. It’s the same with weight, a bad posture makes you look out of shape. Plus, when you are bent over, doesn’t your stomach look gross? Isn’t it protruding, compared to standing upright? Also, a good posture makes you look more confident— there’s 10 years younger right there!

How Does Your Posture Get Bad, Anyway?

There are as many reasons as there are people. An injury? A sedentary lifestyle? Working at a desk all day? Staring down at your phone every 5 minutes? All of these could be explanations.

But, for sure these are NOT the real reasons for your bad posture (or your pain):

  • You don’t remember to stand up straight
  • You don’t have a strap, brace, or buzzer to make you uncrooked
  • You don’t take enough Advil, aspirin, or prescription drugs
  • You don’t see your chiropractor enough
  • You don’t have enough of your joints surgically replaced
  • You don’t get enough massages
  • You don’t have $ for physical therapy
  • You don’t have Mom nagging you to ‘sit up straight’

Stop Asking The Wrong Question

Stop Asking The Wrong Question

Trying to find a blame for your bent frame is like asking, “Why am I thirsty?” Why does how you got there matter if drinking water is all you need? Your posture can be fixed, but only if you are going for a good posture. Questions make a big difference in how we reach our goals.

Just asking that Right Question will lead you on a new path; the path of success instead of the path of gimmicks and short term ‘answers’.

Wrong: Why is my posture bad?

Right: What's the best way to get a good posture that lasts?

Right: What's the best way to get a good posture that lasts?

What’s The Secret To Having A Good Posture?

The secret is hidden because you keep thinking it’s your bones, joints, and effort that matters. When you have a good posture, you don’t have to remember to stand up straight. So, what’s the secret to a good posture?


Yep, that’s it. Your muscles hold your body straight. You don’t have a posture problem, you have a muscle problem. Athletes know that all their joints are protected by building up strong muscles. Imagine if all 640+ muscles were ALL HEALTHY and ALL STRONG. Do you think your skeleton would have a chance to be crooked? Nope, not a chance. When you are stooped over, it isn’t a problem that a nagging device cures, it’s a desperate cry for strong postural muscles.


Believe me, no ‘just exercising’ won’t do it. There’s more to the story. Your posture is dependent on a kinetic chain of muscles from your feet to your head. There are at least 41 muscles that are directly involved in getting your posture back. Sure, you can Google posture exercises, but that won’t work either because the exercises aren’t designed for YOUR UNIQUE BODY. Until now, only a trained Postural Therapist could set up a specific exercise program for your UNIQUE BODY. But there’s a new answer that is only a few clicks away.

Perfect Exercises For Your Unique Body


PTX Therapy has taken the science of Postural Therapy, patented it, and put it in your phone to use at home, the office, or anywhere you go.


  • Access to our posture video library of over 600 proven exercises
  • Easy exercises that focus on the deep postural muscles that will make you naturally stand tall
  • The exact sequence you need for your UNIQUE BODY
  • A new sequence of exercises every 7 sessions to get you to the ‘next level’
  • The program YOUR UNIQUE body needs from millions (literally) of possible posture therapy routines
  • The ability to upload your own posture pictures for diagnosis and to prove your progress to yourself
  • Charted results to prove your progress to yourself

Apps Usually Don't Take 30 Years To Make - But Ours Did!

Believe me, you’re getting something that is tried-and-true. Postural Therapy is nation-wide, but had its start in California over 30 years ago when therapists started thinking about the body as a connected chain or system. Up until that point most physical therapists (just like today) kept attacking your point of pain. That makes sense when you get a paper-cut, but back-pain is really body-pain.

It could be your hips and your ankles, or you neck and shoulder that is doing the most to make your back hurt. An army of Postural Therapists and patients have been learning about the power of Postural Therapy to end pain for good for 30+ years; that’s 360 months or 7,200 work days of patients and therapists working to perfect the power of our therapy.

Beyond that has been the 12 year trek of John Lemme, the founder and creator of PTX Therapy. John has helped some pretty wellknown people get their lives back. We’ve spent millions of dollars on programing and research to perfect the app in your phone. The work is so exacting that we have a government patent:

U.S. Patent No 8,715,176

Why a patent? Well, all of our science has taught us that the ORDER OF THE EXERCISES make the difference. So, two things fix your posture (and the pain that often goes along with it):

          1.The Right Exercises Unique To You
          2.The Right Order

It’s just like cooking. If the recipe is followed out of order, the dish will suck. Our patented AI that was 30 years and millions of dollars in the making, guarantees you are getting the exact exercises for your exact posture problem in the exact order they must be followed.

Again, don’t undervalue what our PTX Therapy App does. Our AI could generate a unique routine for every person in the world if no one had the exact same posture issues. Yes, that’s over 7 billion combinations! Do you really think you’re going to find the right sequence of exercises for your body without our help?

But then, can you imagine how fast your posture will improve if you get the right exercises in the right order?



Not at all! Every exercise is gentle and strategic. Each exercise is usually targeting just a few key muscles at a time, plus you just do the best you can at first. As your body gets stronger, the exercises get even easier, and your posture improves a little every day.

  1. Login
  2. Wait briefly while the app generates your unique routine
  3. Take a brief assessment of your history, pain and base-line posture
  4. Click on the routine, watch the video on how to do the exercise, do the exercise and repeat till you’re finished.
  5. Do the routine the next day until 7 are completed, then you get a new routine to build on your progress


Believe me, you’ll be shocked.

Your body is unique to you, so there’s no way to exactly tell how soon you’ll improve. If pain is an issue, most of our patients see improvement within the first few days, sometimes even on day one. Remember, you took a few years to get into bad shape, so it might take to a little while to reach your healthy posture. Nonetheless, once you exercise your deep postural muscles and your larger supporting ones (in the right order), your body will start getting back to its natural upright state.


So, your story starts out with a new app that will show you exactly how to fix your muscle problem, which will fix your posture problem. You are not much for exercise, but the first session was OK…it wasn’t that hard, but it did take a little time to just learn how to do the exercises. You keep it up for day 2, day 3, and onward until day 7. Of course, 30 minutes is a small investment, but you are starting to feel a little different, a little more flexible, a good bit stronger, and now that vague aching pain isn’t even noticed much anymore.


Now it’s day 8 and you have a new routine. It’s like the other one, but there are a few new exercises, and some old ones are now off the list. You keep at it and you see some improvement. But now it has only been three weeks, and suddenly you can tell everything is different, and better! More than that, other people are starting to notice the different you. Is it more energy, more confidence, or just the sleeker, younger you they see because your stoop is gone? It’s probably all of this, plus the new attitude that comes with a good posture.

John Lemme

Founder and CEO: John Lemme

So, Who's Behind The Posture App?

John has developed posture therapy & strength programs for over 20 years and is the founder of PTX Therapy. After working in numerous clinical settings he spent over a decade developing our Patented Postural Therapy delivery system, US Patent No. 8,715,176. Our proprietary technology and trade-secrets of this Virtual Therapy intelligence system originated from John’s study and experience as an athlete and clinician working with thousands of clients. Throughout his life, John has held a tremendous passion for athletics and sports related activities, only surpassed by his career in orthopedic rehabilitation — linking posture to pain and giving people hope to heal. John’s unique approach as a therapist has proven equally applicable to patients with chronic pain conditions, and athletes looking for measurable functional performance improvement. He has personally worked with over 100 NFL players, PGA and LPGA Tour Pros, and NBA players (including many Hall of Famers from each of these professional leagues). John has helped numerous High School teams (in TX and CA) as football strength and speed coach, was Head Rehab Specialist and Director of Fitness Trainers at the worldrenowned Pebble Beach Company, Senior Therapist and Director of Seminars & Education for The Egoscue Method in San Diego, California, and Senior Postural Therapist at the Peak Wellness Center in Greenwich Connecticut. John is currently a distinguished Faculty member and Advisor of the International Medical Wellness Association.

Here Are Some Other Benefits You'll Experience

  • You’ll do it in your home, on your schedule
  • Our therapy has the wisdom of 1,000s of successes built in
  • We know why it Works: It’s science not luck
  • You can start today with confidence
  • Our therapy is safe: You won’t go through pain to get out of pain
  • You’ll build confidence in yourself and the therapy
  • Or therapy refines your exercise plan as you improve
  • Our app is affordable compared to other options: It will feel ‘well worth it’
  • Our therapy is self-administered: You are in charge of your therapy
  • It’s drug, therapist, club, and surgery free: So you save money
  • Our therapy is appointment free: You’ll save time in travel and scheduling
  • You’ll know you are getting the best Virtual Physical Therapy Available
  • Our App doesn’t require a prescription: No insurance company so you can skip the bureaucracy and go straight to getting better
  • It’s 100% Natural, so you need no meds, surgery, or device hassles
  • You’ll see the real results you want in the fastest way possible
  • No useless braces or glue-on gadgets that keep you immobile or try to nag you into standing up straight without helping your muscles

What Are Others Saying About Our Posture Therapy?


PTX helped this dear lady regain mobility and leave her wheelchair behind.

Brian Urlacher

PTX helped this Hall of Fame NFL star completely eliminate his arthritis symptoms.

Dr. Riba

PTX helped this medical doctor cure her migraines and vertigo symptoms.

“I followed the daily exercises religiously and the improvements started immediately. My posture is balanced and my gait is normal. Many thanks!”
Steve C.

“I feel the therapy has helped my shoulder and neck quite a bit, and my back also… I have found the exercises to be worthwhile and helpful and it is the only thing that has really worked this past year…”
Geoff K.

I was amazed at how such subtle changes can make such a huge difference in how you feel. I sit at a desk and type a lot so my shoulders are really tight and doing hip exercises somehow magically freed up my shoulders. It’s great!”
Tara O.

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