Patented Intelligence System

On-Demand Therapy

We’re Orthopedic Rehab Specialists. We utilized our clinical experience to build the PTX Intelligence System. Now, everyone can get 100% personalized therapy whenever they need it. No doctor visits. No Zoom appointments. No prescription needed.

The Intelligence System (ASAtm) analyzes your health information. Then our AI-powered system generates a targeted plan just for you. Get specialized exercises, in the right order, to quickly reduce pain, build strength, and regain mobility. (These are exercises and unique-to-you sequences you can’t find on You-Tube or anywhere else.) 

Advanced Algorithm Technology

Put Powerful Tools to Work

PTX Therapy is a proprietary, patented platform that converts medical knowledge and expertise into more than 5,000 networked principles, based on complex algorithm decision patterns. The Intelligence System algorithm generates a finely-tuned sequences of therapeutic exercise that are custom-tailored for each patient’s unique needs. Therapy programs continually adapt as patients provide weekly feedback.

Specialized Exercises

Easy To Do On Your Own

Your personal, at-home physical therapy exercise plan is created from millions of possible combinations to adapt to your unique health needs and personal progression. Empowering you with a do-it-yourself physical therapy, PTX uses proprietary and patented algorithms based on proven science, decades of clinical research, and a full kinetic-chain approach.

The Science Matters

Your Personalized Program Is Created Based On Advanced Therapy Principles

Specialized Exercises

Specific body positions and body weight resistance exercises achieve ease of movement without the need for special equipment.

Sequence Matters

Every virtual routine has a unique and specific order. Scientific, patient-specific sequencing gives you the best results.


Posture Correction

The exercises correct postures and imbalances like hip elevation, rotation, knock-knees, or turned out feet that cannot be fixed by just trying to “stand up straight”.

Center Of Gravity

Depending on your body, the floor, wall, or a chair may be used to improve your center of gravity.

Stability And Flexibility

For overall function (ease of movement, ideal fitness, or injury recovery), postural stability and flexibility are improved in tandem.


Deeper Strength

Deep spinal and pelvic musculature are engaged to hold the body in its straighter more aligned position.

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How We Differ

We employ superior science, so we simply have better outcomes

Box Logic

Why fight against gravity, when you can be in alignment with it?

Science in the Sequence

Our exercises are unique, but our sequencing is the key.

It's Age - Just Wear and Tear

Nagging pain? Age and over-use are not to blame. Find out why.

“PTX Therapy occupies a unique space in the field of physical and rehabilitation therapy. Utilizing online tools, PTX maximizes the time and talents of their professional staff to reach and service a large number of clients. It is my personal belief that if we are to preserve our healthcare system in the face of rising costs we must adopt procedures that provide the same or better care, more efficiently, and at a reduced cost. PTX addresses this issue in the physical therapy arena.”

Ronald W. Hart Ph.D.

Served as a Scientific Advisor to three Presidents of the United States | Former Director of the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research | Distinguished Scientist in Residence Former Chair of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services | Former Chair of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy