Case Studies

85% Symptom Improvement in the first routine

“PTX was demonstrated to be superior to that of the Control group with respect to: Overall composite severity for all primary and secondary symptoms; Digestive symptoms severity; and All 8 subjective evaluations” Interpretation after the user’s first routine. Primary and secondary symptoms included: Headaches, Cervical, Shoulder, Thoracic, Lumbar, Hip, Knee, Nerve Referral Down Arm(s), Nerve Referral Down Leg(s), Foot, or Ankle Symptoms.”


  • Large US Food Distribution Company – thousands of employees nationwide
  • Number of Study Participants – 230
  • Study Length – 90 days

The purpose of this study is to show the quantifiable benefits of Postural Therapy among a population of truck drivers, warehouse personnel, and administration (accounting, retail, sales, customer care).