Your Back Pain Isn’t Your Mother’s Fault

Your Back Pain Isn’t Your Mother’s Fault

Wow, there is so much to blame moms for; emotional enmeshment issues, overweight (clean plate club) issues, and husbands and wives fighting about family vacations, to name a few. But, most moms instinctively tried to do one thing right for your back, and hips, and knees, and neck. She said,


Mom saying sit up straight


Yep, great advice, if you could pull it off. Of course, it isn’t just sitting up straight, it’s standing up straight as well. The secret to your back pain problem is POSTURE.

Most doctors and physical therapist don’t really understand the Power of Posture because they are caught in the old adage that, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you’ll treat every problem as a nail.” You don’t go to lawyers for marriage counseling. You don’t go to surgeons for non-invasive natural solutions. And, oddly enough, you don’t want to go to most physical therapists for long-term physical pain solutions.

Lawyers go to divorce court, surgeons cut, and physical therapists work on one part of the body at a time. The truth is that you need the right strategy that fits the right goal.


What Causes Pain?

This is tricky because the word ‘causes’ is misleading most of the time. If you were asked, “What causes rain?” what would you say? Is it moisture in the air? Is it a front where cold air and warm air collide? Moisture can be fog and a cold front can be totally rain free. The key is that it is a combination, a system, that causes the rain.

With pain, it’s quite similar. Of course, your nerves convey signals to your brain that say you hurt. So, no nerves, no pain. But also, it could be no brain no pain! The real key to your nerve pain is either that there is something wrong with the nerve all by itself, or the nerve is experiencing pressure from somewhere. That’s why posture is so important. You body is a system, so even pain is caused by some combination of elements or factors.

If we think about it in simple terms, how could your muscles or joints really hurt if everything is lined up correctly (like when you were a child)? Frankly, your musculoskeletal system is fine when everything is in the right place. We can just as easily say that ‘being crooked’ is the source of your hurt.

Over the years your body has gotten crooked because of your environment, injuries, and lifestyle; and that crookedness makes you hurt. Essentially that’s the problem. However, the problem is a little more involved than that. It’s not that your back hurts because it’s crooked (maybe), but it could have a lot to do with your neck, or your foot, or your hip. Since it’s a system, the solution has to consider everything. When a massage therapist rubs you or a chiropractor cracks you, you do get a little temporary relief. But in no time at all, aren’t you back to hurting?

Yes, sit up straight if you can. But you can’t because you have a spasm-vs-weak muscle problem. If one muscle is stronger or busier than its partner muscle, then you are just going to be crooked. Think of tug-of-war where all the big guys are on one side and the puny guys are on the other.

The answer is not trying to straighten up, the answer is getting your deep postural muscles back into shape, back into balance. At PTX Therapy we bring the solution home. Our patented technology allows you to follow a specific, gentle, unique-to-your-body exercise routine that gets the muscles back to balance and strength. Naturally, when your muscles are fine, your bones and joints will straighten up so inflammation and wear-and-tear can be stopped in their tracks.

If you want to try the PTX Magic for 14 days free, we’ve got you covered. Just click below and learn how you can become posture-right and pain-free. Plus, your mother will be so proud of you.

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